Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Final Cut - Acquisition12

The final cut, in the blog quality of Acquisition12...

The changes we made for the rough cut were added titles, Edited titles,Voice Over and a "A film by "LRMS" title


anamatic evaluation.

I was very pleased with how our animatic turned out as it has almost stayed fairly true to our original thriller ideas. The flickering effects portraited what we wanted to achieve really well, as this makes us ask many questions about what is going on.

The music that we used for the animatic was very succesful and we therefore have decided to use it for our final piece. For me the music built up an ominous sense of foreboding, and therefore made me feel uneasy about what was going to happen next


Scouting shots

These are our scouting shots, of the various places we used to film our thriller. All of which are based on the long road site.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We need to do a lot more titles because our clip is short on them. All films have lots of titles in the opening sequence and we must do this to!
titles we need are:
Josh Boothroyd
Ben Faiers
Fred Foster
Paul Munden
Actors(Several like 6)
Sound editor
Main editor
Original Music


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rough Cut - Acquisition12

Rough Cut =)

Film name

We have decided on our name for the film: Acquisition12

We chose it because it is a synonym of capture, which is central to the plot of the film, the number 12 is just a random number which asks more questions of the film.


Fred. Animatic evaluation

I think that the animatic storyboard clip reflect our plans for the project quite well. The drawings are of a good standard. The editing of the clip is first class, I like the way that the transitions are irregular and unpredictable because the editing of the actual footage is very similar. We transferred that into the clip well. The growing ferocity of the soundtrack reflects the man gradually realising the situation he's in and the serioussness of it.

The animatic imitates the lack of continuity well. It asks alot of questions because the scene is flashing forwards and back.

The pictures ask lots of questions like why is he being chased? Who is chasing him? What does he want from him? It is great because at the same time, it doesn't reveal much of the plot.


Ben Faiers - Animatic Response

The animatic reflects the first images that the group had as a concept. It was good to finally see it all come together and and be seen as a whole short clip. The editing of the pictures was perfect and I would like to see that carried onto the main film. The overlaying effect reflects greatly on the whole "Psychological" battle the the tortured man is experiencing.

The intensity of the music also adds effect to the man starting to "come through" from the experience. As it starts off slowly, this doesn't reflect on where he is stuck but more, the state of conciseness that he is in. As he slowly comes through the music gets more intense dragging the audience into the sequence.

The pictures also start to show the storyline but also start to ask the questions. Who is the hooded man capturing him?, Why is he trying to get him?, What does the man running have that the hooded man wants? All of these are being asked and the storyline/plot isn't giving away too much.

The Animatic also shows the breaking of the continuity aswell. It shows the scenes flashing back and forward and the man going from being tied up to untied all with the effect of asking more questions.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So we are using 2 computers at the moment so we can do 2 things at once. We are going to try and incorporate 2 different projects pretty much. Because we need to have the Torture scene thing having a bit of running ins the background.

Also the music is gonna have to be near the last thing we do because we need to sync it to the clips. We are not going to say things during the actual filming due to overly complicated editing (hopefully =) But we are gonna put some overlaying echo vocals in the music we eventually make.
The music we made for the Animatic was good, and it suited the scene well! So we will try and recreate that the best we can.

Our Rough cut will be a rushed finish but the Final should be a hit. We are staying quite true to the Animatic where possible but some things have been changed around due to some continuity evolutions.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Filming - Running Scene

Today we filmed our running scene. We took several shots of Josh running away from Fred. Never going to give you up?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Opening Titles

Today we have been trying different title styles for the thriller opening. We have been on Photo Shop trying to make the titles look like flickering lights, because our opening is in a dark room.

We have been having difficulties because we cannot use these title effects onto and actual video. We have to use still frames which may make the whole thing look different :S

We are going to try and compromise though by using a sort of stop frame effect to show continuations progression.

The idea has the potential to work but will require a lot of effort and extended perseverance.

As a linear idea at the moment though it is quite innovative and unique! :)

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Friday, November 28, 2008



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Speed-Slow Shot - Dark Room Scene

The following scene shows the Smooth/Rigid shot affect that we would like to recreating during the "Dark Room Scene". It shows the camera being slow and then walking around her tied up to the trap. The affect we would use is when he is tied up and the camera spinning with the scene slowly changing to his hands covering his face affect he has been badly hurt. The question following this scene would be "Who hurt him?" "Why did they hurt him?" "What were they trying to get from him?"

The shot is from 0:44-0:46 also, 2:10-2:13 and 2:23-2:26...


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thriller Ideas

After watching various openings to thrillers we have decided on a few main points that we would like to have in our thriller. For example:

Flashbacks- To cause confusion and to ask questions of the film. We hope that this makes people curious.

Chase scene- This is exhilarating and again it will raises the question of why is he being chased.

An interrogation scene- In order to begin setting the scene and whereabouts of the character and possibly portray the characters lonely feelings while in a dark room.


After he is caught, the victim steps on the paper he dropped during the chase, leaving a dirty footprint.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Thriller research- chase scene

We think that the scene at the beginning of casino Royale is a brilliant example of a chase scene:

We may be able to draw some inspiration from the scene, for when the main character has flashbacks in our thriller opening. There is a wide variety of shots which make it very exciting

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Reasearch on Thriller Chases

We were looking at some You Tube videos to find some generic chase scene stuff, and we found it all in this little You Tube clip here:

As you can see there is a lot of chasing in this video clip, and we are planning on including some running, so it was very relevant and useful. Although we won't have access to vehicles in our scene we will be trying to break the boundaries with the chase scene by making it original and "thrilling".


Tuesday, October 14, 2008